Statement Taking

Statement Taking

Shield can deploy trained professional agents to undertake statement taking in a variety of situations:


Witness Statements

A truthful and accurate account of the facts which may be used in court during any future proceedings. The witnesses’ own words, detailed without opinion. The witness statement is an instrumental part of any case and therefore must always be comprehensive. Our investigators are trained in cognitive interview techniques to help get the best results.


Liability Statements

While a statement alone will not prove liability, it will give an early indication of where liability lies. A full comprehensive statement often saves time and money in these situations and our agents can provide this service in a timely and very cost-effective manner.


Indemnity Forms

Many clients regularly utilise our agents to assist with the completion of Indemnity forms, often in line with a witness statement.


Quantum Statements

This specialised statement is used during a claim for damages; it is imperative that the statement is comprehensive to ensure that the claimant obtains the compensation they are due. Our agents are trained to complete this service professionally and in line with all industry requirements.

Credibility reports can also be produced to compliment any of the above.

Our Promise

Our operations are conducted with the utmost professionalism and in accordance with the principles of Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA).

Our Company Mission
Our mission is to provide a dependable and professional surveillance service which is specialised to meet the requirements of clients.
Our Philosophy
Our fresh approach is based on transparency, integrity & professionalism.
Peace of Mind
Shield is a member of the Association of British Investigators which are endorsed by The Law Society of England and WalesThe UK Fraud Advisory Panel and the Professional Investigations Network. These accreditations offer peace of mind and the reassurance that all our operations are carried out in a professional manner in line with all current UK legislation.